New Launcher Apk Prime v3-2 (iNew) Cracked Is Here

New Launcher Prime

New Launcher Apk Prime 3.2 Cracked Latest Version Free Download 2018:

New Launcher Apk Prime 3.2 Cracked Latest Version Free Download – is a native Android Launcher N style with many improved features, fresh and powerful, launcher version 2.0 is here! On Android N (Android 7.0) Launcher style updated!

New Launcher Prime

NEW Launcher Apk is designed to keep your screen clean, quickly discovering and launching applications.
The New Launcher Apk is brand new, cool, special style, do not like the traditional launcher, get it and try it and you will like this launcher. Why is NEW Launcher Apk new and special?
The New launcher places the most commonly used applications on the home screen and places all other applications on the page’s pages using the fast a-z locator, which keeps the screen clean and quickly finds and launches applications.

Main Features Of The New Launcher Apk Prime:

1. Fast and Small Launcher:

  • Performance is fine-tuning, faster than fast, smooth as butter.
  • APK is the only size of 2 M; Storage space is small, very easy to make new carrier rocket

2 android Launcher Style N: 7.0 style drawer Android

easy Edit mode: What you see is what you get, manage your home screen

4. smart apps: Suggest good timing, fast to launch apps before

5. highly customizable: There are 200+ options for customizing the launcher for custom launcher doing what you want,

6. Cloud Wallpaper: Many cloud paper colors that you can choose your favorite

7. Additionally, It Has many many useful and powerful tools that can help you.

  • Energy saving (including Monitor CPU, app Winterschlaf, Startup Manager)
  • Booster (a tap to the thrust), Switcher, quickly everything in one place, handy handle, and then the system switcher
  • New launcher Apk Prime provides almost all the practical tools you need to manage your devices.

If you like new carrier rocket, hint, press G + 1 and help spread the new carrier rocket, this motive to improve the new carrier rocket, we ask and better for your needs, thank you. If you are experiencing errors when you use the new launcher, please send us an e-mail with the details, we will try to resolve it as soon as possible

Extended New Launcher Apk Main Features:

1. FAST and SMALL launcher:
– Performance is well tuning, Faster than faster, smooth like butter.
– Apk is only 2M size; memory footprint is small, make New Launcher very light

2. Android N style launcher:
– The Android 7.0 style drawer: vertical, a-z fast scrollbar
– New Android N style animation and UI

3. Handy and powerful SIDEBAR:
Include Cleaner, Torch, Favorite app, Recent app, Smart app, and more

4. Many elegant themes and icon packs:
Many online icon packs and themes for your choice; and support 5000+ third-party icon packs

What’s happening

V3. 1 (2017-1-21):

1. Improving the search function

2 optimize the animation of the drawer

3. Fix to get no weather information Main functions enabled

How do I install it?

  1. Download New Launcher Apk (link below).
  2. On your Android device, go to Settings & gt; Security & gt; Unknown sources.
  3. Find the APK downloaded and install it on your phone.
  4. All. Have fun!

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